Letter: Richfield school levy benefits older homeowners

To the editor:
Talking to an old friend, he asked if I was voting for the Richfield School levy. He thought I might vote against it because I spent 16 years in private schools. I had to tell him, I am for voting for it and for purely selfish reasons.
First, I moved to Richfield so my kids could attend good schools. Many of my neighbors moved to Richfield for the excellent schools. Secondly, when I need care, I hope the young people caring for me have a good education and are as sensitive to my needs as I have been sensitive to their needs. Third, the better educated citizen will build a stronger, richer society that has a positive effect on my investments.

Basically, I want to increase the value of my home, have good thoughtful caregivers when I need them and excellent returns on my investments. It really is not a tough decision for me.

Jim Collins