Mississippi transplant joins Sun Current staff

I moved here on Sept. 1, having driven with my fiancé 22 hours, 1,084 miles and through Hurricane Harvey (accidentally) to reach our new home.

I’m happy to say that effort resulted in becoming the new community editor for Richfield at Sun Newspapers. How I got from Mississippi to Richfield, Minnesota, can be attributed to a camera – specifically a purple Nikon Coolpix.
My parents bought me the camera for my 13th birthday.

I immediately began taking pictures of everything. I traveled to Australia and New York with a choir group. I took pictures of taxis, the view of the street from a hotel window, my journeys on the subway, the Sydney Opera House and anything I had never seen while living in Jackson, Mississippi.

The summer of my sophomore year in high school, I received an acceptance letter from Mississippi School of the Arts, an arts boarding school in Brookhaven, Mississippi. I had submitted a portfolio containing images I had taken with my purple Nikon the previous semester, so the skill came with me.

My first semester at MSA, I took the required photography course, and my life changed. My teacher lectured about leading lines, the rule of thirds, perspective and how to compose an image. From that moment on, life was a camera lens. I began composing images mentally everywhere I went. How beautiful the world can be when seen from a new perspective.

I chose to major in photojournalism in college and began writing and shooting, for the school’s newspaper. I developed a passion for telling the stories and capturing images of the people in the community around me.

Last summer, I visited the city of Minneapolis for a journalism conference as executive editor of my college’s newspaper with my fiancé, the managing editor. Everything about the city welcomed us. We both decided we never wanted to live anywhere other than Minnesota.

So now that I’m here in Richfield, I want to tell your stories.

Andy Wig, who will now cover Edina, will still be nearby (in an adjacent cubicle) to guide me. I want to capture your perspective, and I’ll need some guidance. I’ve felt so welcomed in your community, and I hope you continue to reach out to me to tell your stories.

Feel free to email me at [email protected] or call me at 601-472-4242 with your ideas or something you feel passionately about in your community.

I don’t have the purple Nikon anymore, but I’ll be glad to take your picture and talk to you if you see me around town.

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  • Famie Coats

    Best of luck in your endeavors. I know you will tell it true!