Edina seeks online comments on senior programming

The city’s next online discussion is now available at SpeakUpEdina.org. The discussion, which focuses on programming for active adults ages 55 and older and the Edina Senior Center, will be available until Sept. 30.

With Edina’s demographics being the oldest in the Twin Cities, the Edina Senior Center is a busy place. The city’s Park & Recreation Department also holds programming for adults ages 55 and older at other facilities. To increase membership at the senior center and meet demand for senior programming, the city would like to find out the following:

• Do you visit the Edina Senior Center? If so, what do you think about the programs and classes at the Edina Senior Center, as well as the trips the center plans?

• What do you think of the Edina Senior Center as a facility and its location? What improvements could the city make to make the facility better?

• What kind of programs are you interested in that you can’t find at the Edina Senior Center and aren’t offered by Edina Parks & Recreation?

In August, the city gathered feedback on Braemar Park’s Master Plan. The city asked residents what types of park amenities they would like to see added to create year-round recreational opportunities at Braemar Park; whether they would like to see mountain bike trails added to the park; if they would use a walking trail system that looped around the outskirts of Braemar Golf Course; and how the city should improve access to the park and connect it with the surrounding neighborhoods.

The feedback from this discussion will be compiled and presented to the city council Sept. 19.

Info: speakupedina.org.