Letter: Referendum is central to Bloomington’s vibrancy

To the editor:

What is your relationship to Bloomington Public Schools?

Are you a graduate? Do you have children who attend or have attended? Are you a grandparent of a student? Are you an employer looking for quality workforce talent?

Whatever your relationship, are you interested in seeing the value of your home increase? Do you desire socio-economic growth and development for Bloomington? Are you one of the 96 percent of survey respondents who indicated Bloomington is a desirable place to live, or the 95 percent who would recommend it to others as a place to live and feel safe living here?

On Nov. 7, voters will be asked to approve a referendum that will renew and increase the operating referendum for Bloomington Public Schools. This referendum will protect the things that Bloomington residents value: high-quality teachers and support staff, neighborhood schools, college and career readiness and more.

Bloomington is one inseparable entity. Bloomington is our city, and the quality of education is central to the vibrancy of both the city and school district. Vote yes for the referendum on Nov. 7.


Dennis and Kay Kane


Dennis Kane is chairman of the stakeholders committee of the Yes for Bloomington Public Schools referendum committee.