Letter: Allenburg an empowering woman

To the Editor:

I met Erica Allenburg and her family when I was a 14-year-old freshman entering the Edina Public Schools system. I believe our relationship goes further than her being my host mom and me her host student. She has become a mentor, friend, teacher, a motherly figure away from home, and most importantly, someone I can trust.

Her dedication to helping students from different backgrounds and struggles amazes me more and more each time I see her work. She is not afraid to fight for what she thinks is right when it comes to a child’s education. Her spirit and love for volunteering and going the extra mile is incredible and creates a great influence for not only her kids, but for any other person who comes into her life, including me.

I still remember the first time I saw the work Erica puts in when it comes to her kids and school. I thought back to my hometown in California and wondered how much different the school experience would be for students if there were parents like Erica around.

But enough about her work and volunteer efforts. The real Erica Allenburg is the one who picks you up from Barnes and Noble on a Saturday afternoon at the end of your freshman year because your stress finally pushed you to your breaking point. The real Erica lets you sit in her car and let out all those tears of stress and homesickness as she listens to what has been on your mind for weeks.

The real Erica talks to you until you remember the reason you’re here so far away from home – to get an education and set a path for your younger siblings. The real Erica makes you feel so loved and accepted in a place 1,000 miles from home, that as I sit here as a 16-year-old junior, I hold tears in my eyes because a woman like that deserves that spot on the board.

Erica is one of the most empowering woman I have the privilege to know. Electing her will be a decision Edina wouldn’t regret.

Arleth Ulloa