Eden Prairie man wins $200k in lottery

Michael Brewer of Eden Prairie was a winner in a recent Powerball jackpot, taking home a total of $200,000 in pretax winnings.

Brewer’s winning ticket, purchased at Dred Scott Automotive in Bloomington, required him to match four white balls as well as the power ball. The winning numbers were 6, 7, 16, 23 and 26, along with the Powerball of 4.

The prize he won was originally worth $50,000, but the extra $1 he paid for the Power Play multiplier of 4 quadrupled his winnings. Brewer’s ticket was part of a 21-drawing run that ended with a $758.8 million winning ticket, which was sold in Massachussetts.

That grand prize was the largest ever won on a single ticket in U.S. Lottery history, and resulted from a Powerball run that stretched from June 14 to Aug. 23.

During that run, 511,687 winning tickets were sold in Minnesota, awarding a total of $4,084,276, including a $1 million winning ticket that was sold in Howard Lake, but as of press time had not been claimed. The $24.5 million in sales form that run generated $9.4 million for environmental and state-run programs.

Broken down, the run provided $3.1 million for the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund, $577,686 apiece for the Game and Fish Fund and Natural Resources Fund, and $5.1 million for the state’s general fund.

To date, lottery proceeds have funded nearly $2.8 billion worth of programs in Minnesota.