Bloomington beach closed this week

Bloomington’s Bush Lake Beach is closed after water quality tests on Aug. 8 showed levels of E. coli bacteria above the recommended standard.

Swimming activities are discouraged until further notice, and the beach will be closed until E. coli levels fall below the recommended standard. The beach may open as early as Friday, Aug. 11, according to the city of Bloomington.

Multiple cities across the metro area have reported similar water quality readings recently due, in part, to recent rains. It’s not uncommon for Minnesota beaches to be closed due to E. coli contamination in the summer, as it can be produced by waste from geese, ducks and other wild animals, boaters dumping waste overboard and heavy rains causing runoff, the city noted.

The bacteria can sicken swimmers, causing diarrhea, abdominal cramps and occasionally more serious problems.

For more information, call Bloomington’s Parks and Recreation Division at 952-563-8877.