Street name changes to alleviate headaches

Two street names in the Grandview district will be changed to match their assumed official names, ending headaches for GPS-dependant travelers.
A petition from residents in the neighborhood just south of the two streets requested the name changes due to confusion over matching street names and street signs.
The first is Link Road, which connects a small portion of Vernon Avenue and Eden Avenue.
They claim that GPS directs drivers to Link Road, but there is no street sign noting where it is.
According to a staff memo, historical data showed that the road was originally constructed as a ‘link road’ between Eden Avenue and Vernon Avenue when Grandview Square was developed, hence the unofficial name of Link Road.
The request would be to change the name to Eden Avenue.
The other request is to rename the portion of Eden Avenue in front of the library to Sherwood Road.
Sherwood Road begins at the southwest corner of the library but looks like it is one continuous road
from the northeast corner of the library, but it is actually Eden Avenue.
Chad Milner said that since no parcels are named after the roads, it would be an easy change.
In a review against the Grandview
Transportation Study, city staff also found limited impacts and recommended the change.
Bruce Kieffer was the resident who brought forth the petition.
“This wasn’t a problem in the past but as people are becoming more accustomed to navigating with GPS, it is becoming a problem,” Kieffer said of the “200-foot nothing road,” that he added causes confusion for family members and visitors for the handful of houses on those roads.
“I’m on Eden, but my GPS says turn left on Eden. What? I’m on Eden. But the sign says Sherwood,” Kieffer said, describing how the confusion plays out when driving. “It just doesn’t make any sense. My feeling is we should have this change.”
The council agreed, and voted unanimously in favor at the July 18 regular meeting, as well as to waive the second reading of the ordinance.