Letter: Spencer is both an environmentalist and a business advocate

Bloomington City Councilmember Eldon Spencer is one of the all too rare public officials who has proven that a person can be both an environmentalist and a business advocate.

We both have known Eldon for nearly 50 years.  He has always been a supporter of parks, green space and outdoor recreation. As a small business attorney, he understands that these are not just amenities. They are a significant factor in making neighborhoods places where people choose to live, raise families and build local businesses. And these green spaces help maintain local property values, which increase property tax revenue for the city.

Eldon Spencer was appointed to fill our District 2 council vacancy just six months ago. He has already shown that he will dig in to get the facts, ask the tough questions and listen to city staff respectfully, but seek out the views of those of us who live in our district. He insists on careful budgeting and spending.

Remember to vote for Eldon Spencer for Bloomington City Council on Aug. 8.  Even better, Bloomington Civic Plaza is now open for early voting during regular business hours.

Randy and Polly Johnson


Randy Johnson represented Bloomington on the Hennepin County Board of Commissioners from 1979 thorugh 2017.