Eden Prairie-based Arcserve acquires cloud-based Zetta

Rick Parker
Arcserve, which has called Eden Prairie home for the past three years, announced its acquisition of Silicon Valley-based Zetta earlier this month.

The purchase marks another upswing in the rapidly-growing young company, following on the heels of the organization moving into a larger office just months ago. According to Chief Marketing Officer Rick Parker, the move will help Arcserve to provide its services on a whole new level.

“We’re in the backup and availability business,” explained Parker. “When a company’s computer systems crash, they look for how they’re going to recover.”

He noted that the core product line that Arcserve provides has been around for more than two decades, owned by a New York-based Computer Associates. Arcserve spun off from that company three years ago and headquartered itself in Eden Prairie in summer 2014.

“Now, we have just a little under 100 people in our Eden Prairie office,” said Parker. “We just moved, actually in the same office park, into a facility that’s twice the size.”

The company has grown in size during the past few years, but the acquisition of Zetta will allow the new, combined company to grow in a different way.

“If you think about our business, born a long time ago, we were born what we call ‘on premise,’” said Parker. “That is, software, historically, ran entirely in a company’s building on their own computers. It’s evolved over time and gotten more sophisticated … eventually expanding to the cloud. What we were looking for was a vendor that was born in the cloud.”

That vendor, said Parker, was Zetta.

“For us, it was an ideal acquisition,” said Parker. “We really needed the technology they have, and they really needed the sales and marketing that we have on a global level.”

Parker noted that Arcserve currently has approximately 45,000 customers in 150 countries, and that the acquisition will help them serve even more. He said that nearly everyone working for both companies would be retained, and that Arcserve planned to expand in the marketing, finance and product management departments to accommodate the change, as well as adding additional software engineers down the line.

When asked how he felt Arcserve – distributing its product on such a global scale – fit into the Eden Prairie community, he said that he felt the company fit in well, especially as an employer.

“I think we’re a great employer,” said Parker. “We have a great culture at this company — very innovative, very progressive, even though the product line has been around for 25 years. It’s a fun, dynamic place to work, and I think we fit into the community well.”