Eden Prairie City Council odds and ends: July 11

At its July 11 meeting, the Eden Prairie City Council…

Approved the second reading of an ordinance that will allow some residents to keep backyard chickens. A few changes were made since the ordinance’s first reading, such as the maximum chickens allowed being reduced from five to four, the addition of a one-time $75 registration fee to cover administrative costs, minimal design standards for the chicken coops and other administrative smoothings.

The ordinance will go into effect July 20. Residents interested in keeping backyard chickens should contact Zoning Administrator James Schedin at jschedin@

Accepted the donation of a bronze sculpture from Eden Prairie artist Richards Poey. Standing 48 inches tall and valued at $7,000, the piece is titled, “Like a Tree Rooted in the Earth.” It depicts a person in the “vrksasana” or “tree” yoga pose, balancing on a small sphere that represents Earth. The sculpture will be installed near the customer service counter at Eden Prairie City Center by the end of summer.

Accepted an $18,000 donation from Doug and Carolyn Kohrs toward the purchase of a new telescope for the Staring Lake Observatory. The new telescope will replace a 40-year-old one that has been in use at the observatory since 2010, and is anticipated to be installed by the end of summer.

Accepted a donation of $100,000 in exchange for naming rights of the recreation pool in support of Team Foxjet’s fundraising efforts toward construction of the Aquatics Center. The donation was made by Mark and Patricia Davis. Mark Davis is the board chairperson of Team Foxjet.