Edina brothers chase national honors

John Sherman
Sports Editor

Mike Bernstein was an NCAA Division I cross country All-American at the United State Military Academy.

Ethan Bernstein, who will enter ninth grade this fall, is an up and coming Edina runner. (Sun Current staff photo by John Sherman)

At the same time, his wife Roxanne was captain of the women’s cross country team at West Point.

It is no wonder that their sons Ethan and Tyler are following in their footsteps as runners. Both boys have qualified to compete in the AAU Junior Olympics next month at Eastern Michigan University.

This is an exciting time at the Bernstein household since this is the first time the boys are going to be running in a national meet of this magnitude.

“It helps with my parents being my coaches,” said Ethan, who will enter ninth grade this fall. “They have used their experience to help me train. The mentoring from my parents has contributed to my success. For them, it’s probably like going back in time.”

Ethan, an avid runner, said, “We try to find as many opportunities to compete as we can.”

Explaining his mindset for workouts, Ethan said, “When you train, it’s not about quantity, it’s about quality.”

Tyler, who will be a fifth-grader in the fall, has already been running for four years. He is just as gung-ho about running as his brother, however, he also plays youth soccer.

“You don’t have to be really good when you start running,” said Tyler. “You improve by what you put into it every day.”

Neither of the Bernstein boys ever begs out of training.

“I will have an off-day here and there,” said Ethan. “The day after a big meet, I might do an easy 3 [miles]. After an easy day, I will usually do a hard track workout.”

Speed and strength workouts are part of his regimen.

Tyler Bernstein, Ethan’s younger brother, will compete in nationals at Eastern Michigan University. (Sun Current staff photo by John Sherman)

The clock determines a runner’s success along with one’s ability to beat other competitors.

Ethan had a 13-second PR [personal record] in the 1,500-meter run to take second in the national qualifier with a time of 4:42. He took third in the 800 meters with a time of 2:21.

Tyler earned two silver medals in his age group, running the 1,500 in 5:53 and the 800 in 2:53. Both times were personal records.

The Edina running brothers hope to be future Hornets, and if their times continue to improve, that could happen sooner than later.

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