Letter: Medicaid is necessary despite years of hard work

To the editor:

As a longtime Bloomington resident, I am very alarmed about the cuts to Medicaid in the health care bill the U.S. House voted for in early May.

My husband had a good job with Honeywell. We worked hard, paid taxes and helped others through those taxes, church and volunteer work. I stayed home to care for our son Tom, who has autism and significant intellectual disabilities. I tried to work outside the home for extra income, but my Crohn’s disease kept me from doing that.

My husband died at age 62. We thought we had provided well for ourselves, but the money ran out in spite of all our hard work. Now I’m well into my 80s, unable to walk and still struggling with Crohn’s. I’ve moved into a nursing home, and I need Medicaid to pay for my stay there. Tom now lives in a group home, which is also paid by Medicaid.

We hate to need help, but we do need the help, and we couldn’t do it without Medicaid. I appreciate Sen. Amy Klobuchar’s opposition so far to efforts that would cut Medicaid, and I urge her to speak up for constituents like us, now that the U.S. Senate is putting together its own health care bill.


Barbara Palmer