Edina joins program offering homeowners insurance against water, sewer problems

To help homeowners, the city of Edina has joined a National League of Cities program offering insurance for water and sewer lines.

For a small fee – less than $6 a month – homeowners can buy insurance for leaks or problems on the parts of water and sewer lines that are their responsibility.

The city averages more than 180 calls a year for water and sewer line problems. More than half end up being the homeowner’s responsibility. For water lines, the city’s responsibility ends at the curb stop, approximately 10 feet into the property. For sewer, it ends at the main in the street. Age, ground shifts, fluctuating temperatures, tree root penetration and other factors can damage or break lines. Repairs often cost $1,300 to $4,000.

This Service Line Warranty Program is the only one endorsed by the city. More than 300 municipalities in the country use the program, including St. Louis Park and Richfield.

When a problem arises, people should call Edina Public Works to determine if the leak is from the city’s infrastructure or is the responsibility of the homeowner. If it is part of the home’s system and the homeowner has the Service Line Warranty Program, they call a toll-free number available 24 hours a day. The program then calls out a licensed local contractor to take care of it. There are no deductibles or service fees.

To learn more about the Service Line Warranty program or sign up, visit slwofa.com or call 866-425-6221.