Letter: Kudos to city for handling of ash tree

To the editor:

What a treat to live in a city with responsive government employees! Last fall, a neighbor pointed out that our boulevard ash tree had dropped large, dying branches in his yard again. I phoned the Richfield forestry department and within five days I had a written notice that, in fact, our tree was dying, was leaning far into the street and would be removed when weather permitted.

Early this spring before the ground thawed, I returned from work and found just a sprinkling of sawdust and a closely trimmed stump where our ash tree had been. No branches to clean up, no ruts in the lawn – just a touch of sadness that we’d lost a 50 year old tree.

Over the coming weeks I wondered if we needed to hire a tree service to remove the stump. No need. Within a week or two the stump was ground out leaving a neat patch of bare earth. But wait – there’s more! About a week later, I was surprised to see rich black dirt had been filled into the hole, and the Richfield Forestry Department had left a large bag of grass seed on my doorstep with instructions for preparing the ground, planting and growing the grass.

Thank you Richfield for going above and beyond what’s expected in our city.

David Bipes