Concerning health care: Rep. Ellison speaks at ‘town hall’ at church in Eden Prairie

Approximately 300 people attended what organizers described as a town hall meeting June 5 at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Eden Prairie. The event focused on the ongoing health care debate.

Third District Rep. Erik Paulsen (R-Eden Prairie) and Fifth District Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minneapolis) were invited to speak at the event, which was organized by Indivisible MN03, a left-leaning political group.

Rep. Ellison, also the Deputy Chair of the Democratic National Committee, provided a critical viewpoint of the American Health Care Act, pointing to specific provisions in the legislation that passed the House of Representatives last month with which he took issue, as well as projections from the Congressional Budget Office that he found troublesome.

Rep. Paulsen did not attend the event, but a member of his campaign issued a statement, which read as follows: “The Deputy Chair of the Democratic National Committee held a political rally in the district with a group whose stated goal is [to] un-elect Erik Paulsen. This was a political rally, not a town hall.”

(Sun Current staff photos by Sean Miner)

  • Linda

    Hmmm I guess Rep. Paulsen missed that part about being invited. His constituents have been trying for months to get him to hold a town meeting to address their concerns on health care but he no showed each time. Rep. Ellison was kind enough to step forward and take time out of his busy schedule to address the needs of Paulsen’s constituents who have concerns about how they are going to pay for health care going forward, especially if they have pre-existing conditions. Way to go Rep Ellison!