Two men arrested in connection with Bloomington carjacking

Two people were arrested in connection with a carjacking outside of a Bloomington fast food restaurant.

The arrests occurred the same night a 43-year-old Bloomington woman reported the theft of her vehicle by an armed man outside of the Southtown McDonald’s restaurant, according to Bloomington Police Cmdr. Kim Clauson.

Police officers were dispatched to the scene at approximately 10:20 p.m. May 14. The victim said that she had been at the Southtown Shopping Center Applebee’s with a friend. The duo had left the restaurant, but before they departed from the shopping center, the victim’s friend said she needed to use a restroom and ran inside the McDonald’s, Clauson said.

While the victim was waiting for her friend, a man approached her vehicle. He tapped on the window of her car, then displayed a handgun, telling the victim to get out of her car. She complied, and the man drove off in her vehicle, heading northbound on Penn Avenue, Clauson explained.

The victim provided a description of the perpetrator, as well as vehicle information. An officer patrolling the parking lot of Country Inn and Suites, 2221 Killebrew Drive, identified the stolen vehicle approximately one hour after the incident. It was unoccupied, so police officers began surveillance of the vehicle. They watched as a man approached the vehicle and looked inside of it with a flashlight, then entered another vehicle in the parking lot and drove off, according to Clauson.

An officer followed the man’s vehicle and conducted a traffic stop after the vehicle struck a curb while turning onto Old Shakopee Road. A passenger in vehicle appeared to match the description of the perpetrator of the carjacking, Clauson noted.

The driver, a 21-year-old Eagan man, appeared to be intoxicated and failed field sobriety tests, resulting in his arrest. The victim was brought to the scene and identified the passenger, a 23-year-old man with no permanent address, as the perpetrator of the carjacking, Clauson said.

Both suspects were booked on suspicion of aggravated robbery, and the driver was booked for driving while impaired. A search of the driver turned up credit cards in his wallet that were in the name of the victim, and the passenger attempted to toss a key fob connected to the stolen vehicle, Clauson explained.

A search of the vehicle turned up a gun and ammunition under a seat of the vehicle, as well as suspected narcotics, she noted.

Failed getaway

A 38-year-old Bloomington man was determined not to be arrested by police officers. He failed, despite his extraordinary effort.

The suspect was arrested in his apartment on the 8600 block of Old Cedar Avenue, but the incident started when he tried to outrun a squad car attempting to make a traffic stop, according to Clauson.

A police officer traveling east on 90th Street near Nicollet Avenue, at approximately 1:40 a.m. May 14, observed a vehicle swerving. He attempted to make a traffic stop near the intersection of 90th Street and Oakland Avenue, but the suspect kept driving, turning on Columbus Avenue and attempting to outrun the pursuing officer, Clauson explained.

The pursuit reached 86th Street, and the suspect turned east toward Old Cedar Avenue. He turned south on Old Cedar Avenue, and the officer attempted to end the pursuit by using a PIT maneuver. The suspect’s vehicle spun around, but he was able to continue driving. He headed west on 87th Street and turned north on 17th Avenue. Although the street is a dead-end road, it has an access to the Cedar Commons Apartments parking lot, which the suspect drove through to reach Old Cedar Avenue, according to Clauson.

The suspect headed south on Old Cedar Avenue and turned back onto 87th Street. An officer attempted a second PIT maneuver, which spun the suspect’s vehicle around and into the grass, but the driver was able to drive off again, Clauson noted.

The suspect returned to the apartment building, but instead of driving through the parking lot he turned into a parking area with no outlet. He fled his vehicle and ran to the building. Using a door key, he unlocked the building entrance and closed the door behind him before an officer could reach it. Officers then broke the door to gain access to the building, Clauson said.

Although the suspect was out of sight, they were able to track him to the third floor, where they heard a door slam. The swaying of a wreath on the door of an apartment indicated which unit he entered. Officers attempted to make contact with the man but received no response from anyone inside the unit, according to Clauson.

Outside the building, officers found receipts in the suspect’s vehicle that identified him and verified that officers inside were at the correct apartment. Officers obtained a search warrant for the apartment at 3:45 a.m. and had made contact with the building’s caretaker, who provided access to the unit. Inside, officers were met by the suspect’s father, who verified his son lived there. Officers found the suspect in his bedroom, where he refused to comply with commands. He was shot with a Taser gun but continued to resist attempts to arrest him. A police K-9 brought to the scene was used to finally gain compliance from the suspect, Clauson noted.

The suspect was booked for fleeing a police officer in a motor vehicle, fleeing a police officer on foot, obstructing the legal process, driving after cancellation and possession of narcotics. A search of the suspect’s vehicle turned up suspected marijuana, Clauson said.

Stolen vehicle

A 30-year-old Minneapolis man’s detective work helped him track down his stolen vehicle in Bloomington.

The vehicle’s recovery included the arrest of four people for possession of a stolen vehicle.

The arrests were made during the evening of May 16 on the 9600 block of Pleasant Avenue.

The victim said that his keys disappeared during a party in Minneapolis, and his vehicle disappeared on May 16. He suspected a 22-year-old Minneapolis man at the party was responsible for the missing keys, and when talking to other people who attended the party, the victim learned the Minneapolis man had used a cellphone to call his girlfriend in Bloomington. The victim spoke with the cell hone’s owner, who provided the phone number the Minneapolis man called. The victim then began calling that number, asking for information about the Minneapolis man and the missing vehicle, according to Clauson.

Although the woman answering the phone would hang up on the victim, he continued calling. When the phone was answered by a different person, the victim was told that the vehicle he was looking for had been parked on the street where the girlfriend lives, Clauson explained.

The victim reported the information to the police, and Bloomington police officers were dispatched to the address, where they found four people gathered at the parked vehicle. Two people were sitting inside of it while two people were standing against it. All four were detained and eventually arrested. The Minneapolis man and his 19-year-old girlfriend were arrested, as well as a 21-year-old Prior Lake man and a 20-year-old Minneapolis man.

Motorcycle crash

A 22-year-old Bloomington man was arrested after he crashed his motorcycle into a vehicle on 98th Street.

The suspect is accused of fleeing a police officer who attempted to pull him over on the freeway after he was observed performing a wheelie on northbound Interstate 35W, according to Clauson.

The officer observed the suspect’s conduct at approximately 7:50 p.m. May 16. The suspect was traveling approximately 80 miles per hour and accelerated in excess of 100 mph while weaving through traffic in an effort to outrun the officer, Clauson said.

The officer ended the pursuit, but another officer spotted a motorcyclist near Lyndale Avenue and 90th Street that matched the description of the fleeing suspect. The second officer obtained the license plate number of the motorcycle and attempted to conduct a traffic stop, but the suspect again attempted to flee using city streets to evade the pursuing officer, Clauson noted.

The suspect returned to Lyndale Avenue and turned west onto 98th Street, where he crashed into a vehicle, throwing him from the bike onto another car. The suspect declined transport to the hospital following the crash, so he was arrested for fleeing in a motor vehicle, Clauson added.

Late-night robbery

A 19-year-old Burnsville woman reported a robbery near the intersection of American Boulevard and Bloomington Avenue.

The woman said she was walking along Bloomington Avenue at approximately 1 a.m. May 16 when she was approached by a black male in his late teens or early 20s, approximately 5 feet 8 inches tall. He asked her for money, and she replied by saying she didn’t have any. The man then demanded her cellphone and pulled out a handgun. The woman gave the perpetrator her phone and backpack. When he fled the scene with her property, she ran to a friend’s house to call the police, according to Clauson.

A police K-9 was dispatched to the scene but was unable to track down the perpetrator, she noted.