Take action if you see a dog in a hot vehicle

People who see a dog locked in a car on a warm day should not follow the advice going around on Facebook, Edina Police warn. The post is full of misinformation.
Leaving a pet in a vehicle, even for just a few minutes, can cause them to overheat and die. Play it safe: If you plan to run errands, leave the pets at home.
For people in Edina who see a pet they believe is in distress in a vehicle, Animal Control Officer Tim Hunter says do the following:
• Call either 911 or 952-826-1600 to report the situation. Make sure to be able to describe the vehicle, license plate number and the type of dog, if possible.
• Be able to describe the location of the vehicle: the address, area of the lot where it is parked, by what business. Remember, officers will need to find it quickly.
• Report how long has the animal has been in the vehicle, if known. For example, was it in the car when the caller first went into the store, and is still there when that person came back?
• Do not break into the vehicle.
• It is not necessary, but the caller may remain on scene to better direct emergency responders to the correct vehicle.
People who break into a vehicle themselves, as the social media post advocates, potentially face criminal charges and civil liability. Such steps also could lead to a confrontation with the vehicle driver. Instead, call law enforcement immediately to handle the situation.
For more information, contact Hunter at 952-826-0494 or [email protected]