Boyfriend arrested for assault at Bloomington apartment

A 25-year-old Hopkins man was arrested on suspicion of felony assault and terroristic threats, accused of strangling his girlfriend on the deck of a Bloomington apartment.

Bloomington police officers were dispatched to the 10700 block of Brunswick Road at approximately 8:45 p.m. May 8. A witness reported that the suspect had been assaulting a woman on the deck of an apartment unit, and that he had cellphone video of the incident.

Officers responding to the incident reviewed the video, which showed a man with a ponytail straddling a woman who was lying on her stomach. The woman appeared to be crying, and the suspect appeared to whisper into her ear before striking her in the head, according to Bloomington Police Cmdr. Kim Clauson.

The video also showed the suspect striking the woman again after she stood up and threatening to kill her. She was able to enter the apartment and lock its sliding glass door with the suspect still on the deck, but she eventually let him inside after he pleaded with her, saying he wouldn’t hit her again, Clauson noted.

After viewing the video, officers went to the apartment to conduct a welfare check. There was no answer at the door, but the apartment was unlocked. The officers entered the apartment and found it was unoccupied. They learned the man’s identity, however, when they returned to the apartment complex parking lot. They were approached by a man who identified himself as the suspect’s grandfather. The victim had called the suspect’s mother regarding the incident. The apartment is leased by the suspect’s mother, but she was out of town during the incident. The mother responded by calling her father, which brought him to the scene, Clauson explained.

Officers searching the area found the suspect walking nearby at the Metro Self Storage facility, where he was arrested without incident, Clauson said.

The suspect’s grandfather said the victim, a 19-year-old Hopkins woman, reported she was hiding in a vehicle in the apartment’s parking lot. Officers found her inside a Cadillac and spoke with her. She was uncooperative in answering questions, claiming that she had only been arguing with her boyfriend, according to Clauson.

The suspect has several criminal convictions, including prior domestic assault convictions in 2012 and 2013, Clauson noted.

Parental dispute

A 29-year-old Brooklyn Center man was also arrested on suspicion of felony assault, accused of assaulting a 30-year-old Minneapolis woman outside of a Bloomington townhome.

Police officers met with the victim at a gas station at approximately 10 p.m. May 5. She reported that she had met with the suspect at the townhome where their child receives day care. They had been talking inside a vehicle when the suspect became upset. He began yelling at her, so she exited the vehicle, Clauson explained.

The victim said that the suspect also exited the vehicle and confronted her, punching her in the face and then grabbing her by the neck. The victim thinks she lost consciousness as a result of being choked. Upon regaining consciousness, she was unable to find her cellphone, requiring her to drive to a gas station to contact the police. The woman was bleeding from a cut above her eye and struggled to speak as she reported the incident, Clauson added.

Officers responding to the call verified that the victim’s child was being cared for at the townhome on the 9000 block of Nicollet Avenue. The suspect was not there, but officers were called back to the resident at approximately 11:40 p.m., as the suspect had returned and was pounding on the door. He was arrested at the scene, and the victim’s cellphone was found inside his vehicle, Clauson said.

The suspect has four prior domestic assault convictions, she noted.

Poor choice

A 50-year-old man with no permanent address picked the wrong place to park his stolen vehicle.

Police officers were dispatched to Floyd Total Security, 9036 Grand Ave., at approximately 4:30 a.m. May 5 for a report of a suspicious man walking around the building. The suspect had parked a vehicle in the company’s parking lot, exited the vehicle and walked around the building. The incident was observed by an employee watching via security cameras inside the building, Clauson explained.

Officers responding to the call arrived as the suspect’s vehicle was exiting the parking lot. An officer conducted a traffic stop at 90th Street and Wentworth Avenue, and as the officer approached the vehicle on foot the suspect drove away, Clauson said.

The suspect headed east, turning north on Nicollet Avenue. When the suspect passed American Boulevard the officer conducted a PIT maneuver to stop the fleeing vehicle, resulting in the suspect’s arrest, according to Clauson.

A search of the suspect found pliers, rubber gloves and $12 worth of quarters on him, as well as a pry bar on the floor of the vehicle, a 1990 Buick Electra. The vehicle’s steering column had been damaged, and the vehicle was running without a key. It turned out the that the vehicle had been reported stolen in Minneapolis, Clauson noted.

The suspect was booked on suspicion of possession of a stolen vehicle, fleeing a police officer in a stolen vehicle, driving after revocation and possession of burglary tools. He also had an outstanding Wisconsin Department of Corrections warrant for a probation violation, Clauson added.

Easy arrest

A late night stop, perhaps for a Grand Slam breakfast, provided enough time for police officers to catch up with an 18-year-old Burnsville man suspected of driving a stolen truck.

The suspect was arrested near the Denny’s restaurant at 815 E. 78th St. during the early morning hours of May 8. Police officers were dispatched to the area for a report of a stolen vehicle that had made its way to Bloomington, according to Clauson.

A Scott County dispatcher contacted the Bloomington Police Department to report that a stolen vehicle had been tracked to the Microtel Inn and Suites through its OnStar navigation system. The vehicle appeared to have been parked at the hotel at approximately 4:15 a.m. and was known to have a handgun inside when it was stolen, Clauson said.

Officers responding found the unoccupied vehicle parked near Denny’s. The officers watched the vehicle until the suspect arrived, entered it and failed to start it. The vehicle’s interior lights illuminated, but the vehicle would not start, as it had been disabled by OnStar, Clauson explained.

Officers surrounded the suspect after he exited the vehicle, resulting in his arrest for possession of a stolen vehicle. The gun was still inside the vehicle at the time of his arrest, she added.

The vehicle had been reported stolen in Savage. The owner said that he had left the vehicle unlocked and the keys inside when he arrived at his place of employment at 10 p.m. the previous night. He had stepped outside at 2 a.m. and saw that the truck was still in the parking lot, but when he stepped outside one hour later the vehicle was gone, Clauson explained.

Seeking attention

A 20-year-old Bloomington man attempted to outrun a police officer on his motorcycle but gave up when a second officer joined the pursuit.

The suspect was one of two motorcyclists traveling west on Old Shakopee Road near its intersection with France Avenue at approximately 9:45 p.m. May 10. A police officer in the vicinity saw the driver of one of the motorcycles perform a wheelie, a stunt the second driver replicated. The officer pursued the duo, which was traveling in excess of 60 miles per hour, according to Clauson.

The duo split up at Normandale Boulevard and the officer followed the motorcyclist that headed north on Normandale, attempting to make a traffic stop. The driver ran a red light at 98th Street and continued north to 84th Street, where he turned. That’s where a second officer picked up the pursuit. The driver then pulled over and was arrested. He was booked on suspicion of reckless driving and fleeing a police officer by motor vehicle. He was also booked for possession of a fictitious driver’s license, as an Ohio driver’s license in his possession was not on file as a valid license. The license also indicated that the man was older than 21, Clauson noted.

The other motorcyclist, also a 20-year-old Bloomington man, was stopped by another patrol officer responding to the incident and cited for reckless driving, she added.

Unable to drive

A 43-year-old Bloomington man was unable to drive home from a Bloomington restaurant and was arrested for first-degree driving while impaired.

Police officers were dispatched to TGI Fridays, 2201 Killebrew Drive, shortly before midnight May 5 for a report of a driver that hit a parked vehicle. Officers responding found an unconscious man inside a red van with a flat tire. His vehicle was parked diagonally in a parking space, and his keys were in the ignition, Clauson said.

The officers were unable to awaken the man verbally. After opening the door, they were able to wake him. He appeared intoxicated and was unable to complete field sobriety tests. His preliminary blood-alcohol concentration at the scene was .22, Clauson explained.

The man was arrested and taken to jail. He fell over while seated in a squad car and refused to submit to a breath test at the police station, she noted.

The suspect was booked for first-degree DWI since he had three prior convictions during the past two years, one in 2012 and two in 2015. He was also booked for driving after cancellation.