A spring spruce-up for the Bart House

Historical Society member David Butler uses a power washer to cleanse the shell of the Bart House for the May 13 spring cleaning. (Sun Current staff photo by Andrew Wig)

Volunteers worked up a sweat at the Riley Bartholomew House for some spring cleaning May 13.

Members of the Richfield Historical Society normally do some upkeep at the historical site around this time every year, but this is the first time they’ve made an open event out of it, inviting the community to help preserve the pioneer home of the Bartholomew family, according to Historical Society Director Alyssa Swanson.

Volunteers painted, caulked, picked weeds, dusted, swept and fixed fencing as the 70-plus-degree weather cooperated conveniently.

“We’re cleaning the house from top to bottom,” Swanson said.

Outside, volunteers pulled invasive garlic mustard weeds. “You can smell it, it’s funny,” an amused Swanson said.

Erna Krumpholz was pulling other kinds of weeds next to the back porch.

“Boy, this is good soil,” she remarked as she yanked roots from the black dirt, appropriately evoking thoughts of Richfield’s origins.

Erna Krumpholz digs into the soil near the back porch of the Bart House, rooting out weeds for the May 13 spring cleaning of the Richfield relic. (Sun Current staff photo by Andrew Wig)
Getting her hands dirty while weeding, Erna Krumpholz proudly holds up a freshly plucked root. (Sun Current staff photo by Andrew Wig)