Letter: Gordon Hanson is a sound, insightful caring voice

To the editor:

There is an open city council seat in Ward 1 and without a doubt, I can fully recommend who should fill that seat:  Gordon Hanson.

I’ve known Gordy for more than 20 years. He’s has deep roots within Richfield already and this council position allows him to branch out and positively impact even more people of Richfield.

He has the experience:  He actively has been part of many organizations you’ve heard of – Woodlake Nature Center, Penn Central, Tree Trust, VEAP, Oak Grove Lutheran Church, Sheridan Hills PTO, Richfield Baseball, Richfield Planning Commission and more.

He has the skills :Gordy is great at listening and analyzing information, thinking about long-term impacts, and communicating with the partners and people to move things forward.

He has the heart:  This is not a fleeting idea of his to run for council.  He ran for this position and was edged out by Pat Elliott who was recently elected Richfield Mayor. With Gordy and Pat, Ward 1 will be well represented.  For Gordy, this council seat isn’t about power, it’s because he deeply cares for his community and those of us who proudly call Richfield home.

We all get primed to vote in national elections, but local government impacts us more than we think.  So Ward 1 residents, please mark your calendars for Tuesday, May 23 and vote for Gordy Hanson to be our sound, insightful, and caring voice to keep Richfield an amazing place to live and raise our families.

Deanne Beaudet