Letter: Trautmann displays his neighborliness, leadership

To the editor:

I would like to tell you about my neighbor, Simon Trautmann and why I wholeheartedly support him to be our next city council member in Ward 1. Several weeks ago on Easter Sunday, rain had washed out the dirt road on 66th Street in front of my house. Things were so bad, a few teenagers were sitting by the side of the road with cellphones making videos of cars bottoming out.

Any number of us might have complained about the condition of this road. However, Simon came out in his Sunday dress clothes and talked the teenagers into helping him use pieces of asphalt to even out the road.

Later that day, the water main that temporarily connected our house because of the construction broke. My nephews were the only ones home, and we had no water. Simon left his family’s Easter Sunday dinner, turned off the water main, and took my nephew to Home Depot. In the meantime, Simon was able to reach out to the city and got someone to come out and fix the water main that night (on Easter Sunday)!

I am not from Richfield originally, but I can truly say at every opportunity Simon has shown leadership, kindness, respect, and above all neighborly love. Simon has invited my family to be engaged in the city of Richfield. He has demonstrated leadership quality with his quick thinking by engaging teenagers to do what is right rather than watch and tape cars bottom out. Simon is the kind of leader I have always looked for in city council members. He has the qualities of a leader, and a keen eye in solving challenging issues in the face of adversity. Simon is the definition of a qualified and competent city council member. He loves his neighbors. Simon Trautmann has my vote!

Hamuda Ahmed