Police department encourages safety during Nerf wars

Nerf wars have become a popular pastime for kids in the spring. While the game isn’t inherently dangerous, safety precautions should be taken to keep players and bystanders safe.
Thing players can do to keep the game safe, according to the Edina Police Department:
• Do not play and drive. While a Nerf gun can’t kill someone, a vehicle can. Distracted driving is deadly. Do not operate a vehicle while participating in the game.
• Avoid shots to the face. Wearing eye protection while playing the game is recommended, but it’s best to avoid head shots all together.
• Don’t shoot animals – wild or domestic.
• Don’t commit reckless behavior or a crime. This includes breaking into homes, trespassing on private property and shooting at or from a moving vehicle.
• Be aware of your surroundings. Be respectful when playing the game. While it may be fun to play in a crowded or public space, recognize that there are people around you not playing the game.
“In general, kids should just be smart when they are participating in a Nerf war,” said Sgt. Kevin Rofidal. “Don’t put yourself or others in danger, especially while trying to have fun.”
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