Letter: Skeptical that Sunday liquor will kill mom and pop stores

To the editor:

The Richfield Sun Current Opinion page cartoon (March 2, 2017) was a result of the Minnesota House and Senate passing the MN Sunday Liquor sales bill. Gov. Mark Dayton said that he would sign the bill if it reaches his desk.

The cartoon depicts a man wearing a tie with “Big Box Store” on it popping a Champagne bottle with the cork striking a man in the head. The man who was struck is wearing a work apron with “Mom & Pop Liquor Store” on it. Behind him is his wife I’m guessing.

I believe that this cartoon was to support that argument that Sunday Liquor sales will kill off all mom & pop liquor stores.

I haven’t been to Wisconsin for some time, but has anyone checked to see if there are still any mom & pop liquors stores left in Wisconsin?

Mike McLean

  • Sam Clemens

    In the near term there likely shouldn’t be any difference pre and post Sunday sales. Longer term some view this as the camel’s nose under the tent. The nose being the complete rethinking of the liquor store and distribution model. Currently liquor stores are essentially mandated to be separate stand alone units and there must be distributors in the between the manufacturer and store. Some think that Sunday sales will lead to big box (Costco, Sam’s, Total Wine, etc) stores ending the distribution model. This is likely why the distributors fought Sunday sales. It may also lead to sales at grocery stores. Increased competition is good for the consumer. Stand alone liquor stores can survive and thrive in that environment, but they’ll potentially need to rethink their value proposition.

  • RustyHammer

    Yeah, Sunday liquor sales will hurt some liquor retailer. But I’ve been hard pressed to understand why the local liquor industry is protected from the evil that is Sunday business hours, yet we don’t protect grocery stores, shopping malls, real estate agents, massage parlors or other businesses from the evils of having to cater to consumer demands. Sorry, mom and pop, your liquor store doesn’t deserve special governmental protection. And I’m not convinced that there’s anything to protect you from.

    Now, why can’t we allow a car dealership to open on a Sunday if Denny Hecker so desires?