Wrong-way driver, 84, arrested for driving while impaired

An 84-year-old Bloomington woman was arrested for driving while impaired, accused of driving the wrong way on Xerxes Avenue.

The woman was arrested during the evening of Feb. 11. She was turning southbound onto Xerxes Avenue from Edinborough Way and was driving in the northbound lanes and traveling directly toward a Bloomington patrol officer traveling northbound over Interstate 494, according to Bloomington Deputy Chief Denis Otterness.

The two vehicles nearly collided, and the woman drove onto the center median. The woman had difficulty putting her vehicle in park as the officer approached her vehicle, Otterness said.

The suspect said she had consumed a glass-and-a-half of wine and wasn’t suffering from a medical condition. She appeared to have bloodshot and watery eyes, and the officer could smell alcohol emanating from her. When the officer asked her for identification the woman produced three different cards, two of which were credit cards, before handing over her driver’s license, Otterness explained.

The officer noticed a walker in the back seat of the vehicle and determined she could not perform standard field sobriety tests. She took a breath test at the scene, and the results indicated she was over the legal limit, resulting in her arrest, according to Otterness.

A search of the vehicle following her arrest turned up a one-liter bottle of rum in a bag on the passenger’s seat of her vehicle. At the police station, the woman refused to take a breath test, he noted.

She was booked on suspicion of driving the wrong way, third-degree DWI for refusing to take a breath test at the police station and possession of an open container of alcohol in a motor vehicle.

High-speed chase

A 35-year-old Inver Grove Heights man was arrested on suspicion of fifth-degree drug possession following a high-speed chase that reached an estimated 85 miles per hour.

An officer patrolling along 106th Street observed the suspect’s vehicle traveling 54 mph in a 35-mph zone shortly before 8:30 a.m. Feb. 11. The officer attempted to stop the vehicle when he pulled up behind it on the entrance ramp to southbound Interstate 35W, but the man did not slow down. The driver appeared to turn his head, then drove off at high speed, according to Otterness.

The officer followed the man’s vehicle southbound over the Minnesota River. The man hit his brakes in order to exit at Black Dog Road. He didn’t go far after exiting the freeway, however, and he was arrested without incident, Otterness said.

A search of the suspect uncovered 0.24 grams of suspected methamphetamine in the suspect’s front pocket, Otterness noted.

He was booked for possession of a controlled substance and fleeing a police officer in a motor vehicle.

Poor decision

Two men accused of possessing stolen license plates and drugs were arrested after their truck was observed pulling out in front of a vehicle on Old Shakopee Road.

An officer patrolling the area near the intersection of Old Shakopee Road and Old Cedar Avenue observed the duo’s vehicle pull out in front of a westbound vehicle shortly after 4 p.m. Feb. 11, Otterness said.

The officer pulled the vehicle over on the 9100 block of Old Cedar Avenue and determined that the driver, a 47-year-old Burnsville man, had a canceled driver’s license. He also had an outstanding warrant, which resulted in his arrest at the scene, Otterness explained.

In the back of his pickup truck was a license plate. A check of the plate determined it had been reported stolen in Plymouth, Otterness noted.

Inside the vehicle was a backpack, which the passenger said was his, noting there might be marijuana inside of it. A search of the bag turned up a crumpled $5 bill with two chunks of suspected methamphetamine inside, according to Otterness.

A search of the truck also turned up hypodermic syringes on the floorboard of the cab and a matching license plate under the rubber bed mat. Another license plate found in the truck, which hadn’t been reported as stolen, was identified as belonging to a vehicle from Oakdale, Otterness said.

A search of the driver turned up a glass pipe containing suspected narcotics residue and a plastic bag in his pocket containing a suspected controlled substance, Otterness noted. He was booked on suspicion of driving after cancellation, possession of stolen property and possession of drug paraphernalia, as well as his outstanding warrant.

The passenger was booked on suspicion of possession of stolen property, possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Assault, DWI arrest

A 33-year-old Bloomington man was arrested on suspicion of DWI following a report of domestic assault.

Officers were dispatched to a residence on the 8400 block of 10th Avenue shortly before 7 p.m. Feb. 12. They met with a 23-year-old woman who said she is in the process of divorcing the suspect, and that he is not staying at their residence, but had been visiting prior to her call, according to Otterness.

The woman said she didn’t want the suspect at their house when their daughter returned, as he had been drinking. The suspect became upset and is accused of yelling at his wife, damaging a chair in the living room of the house and pushing his wife, who was sitting on the floor. She reported that she hit her head on the floor and stood up, fearing he would assault her further. She said he punched her in the face before leaving the residence in his vehicle, Otterness explained. The woman’s face had cuts and was swollen at the time of the report, he noted.

The suspect’s vehicle was located near the intersection of 98th Street and 10th Avenue. His vehicle was stopped, and he was taken into custody without incident. He did not perform field sobriety tests as he had been handcuffed for his arrest on suspicion of domestic assault. He appeared to have bloodshot, watery eyes, however, and was given a breath test at the police station, where his blood-alcohol concentration registered 0.11, Otterness said. The suspect was booked on suspicion of second-degree DWI, as he has two prior convictions, he added.