Letter: Commendations are in order for Swenson

To the editor:

Compliments are few and far between for city council people.

But Ann Swenson, Edina City Councilperson, gave all the drivers in Edina a gift.

I noticed that during evening rush hour, that drivers on Crosstown 62 eastbound, were exiting at Gleason and taking the Vernon route up to 50th to avoid the long waits on Eastbound Crosstown –with long stops at the red lights at Blake Road and Tracy Road.

I calculated that over 1,000 drivers had to wait at least 20 minutes extra, per day, to take the Vernon route, principally because of the long lights at Blake Road and Tracy Road.

So 1,000 drivers waiting 20 minutes per day was 20,000 minutes per day or about 300 hours per day were wasted because of the long wait at those two traffic lights. Three hundred hours per day. About 90,000 hours per year.

I suggest to Ann that if those light were extended by only one minute on each cycle, that the traffic would be much faster.

So Ann went to work and got the MnDOT guys to re-set those traffic lights, giving the Vernon traffic a break.

Well, here we are, two months later, and the traffic issues ended. All of those drivers are now home 20 minutes earlier, and in a much better mood, saving our citizens 90,000 hours per year.

So my Kudos to Ann Swenson, of the Edina City Council, unobtrusively fixing a small problem and making a big difference for everyone.

Thanks Ann!

Ward Johnson