Letter: Hann passionate about supporting patients’ rights

To the editor:

I’m excited for the voters in Senate District 48! In November, they have the chance to re-elect David Hann, a powerful supporter for the rights of patients. As your senator, he has been a strong voice for all patients who want to be their own champion of their medical care.

Government and insurance companies should not determine the “who, what, where, when, and how” medical care is delivered – patients should make those decisions. David is passionate about your rights.

As a family doctor, I have had the privilege to care for patients and attend to their concerns for almost two decades. I know how important the patient-doctor relationship is and so does Sen. Hann. I hope you choose to send someone to St. Paul who will fight to preserve patient rights and get rid of the wasteful and user-unfriendly MNsure program!

Curt Whisler