Letter: Organized collection is governmental control

To the editor:

The city’s proposed organized collection scheme is all about control.

If the city gets control, they plan to force you to behave the way they want through price management.

The city council’s plan (as discussed at a recent Organized Collections Options Committee meeting) is to start implementing price changes around the third year of their organized collection scheme. They may penalize (raise prices on) larger residential trash producers, (meaning residents who have other than the smallest trash bin.) These are typically households that have new or larger families and thus would end up being one of the main targets of the city council’s punitive pricing policy.

As part of the coercive pricing, they will also attempt to force you to recycle more and to recycle your organics through your hauler. This means if you compost, (on your own and not through the city program,) or if the garbage you are discarding isn’t recyclable, you may suffer the consequences of the organized collection scheme.

Through the organized collection scheme the city will attempt to assess back penalties and charges to your property so you will have no recourse if you are unhappy with your assigned hauler’s service.

Don’t give the city power through the force of government to control your behavior. Tell the mayor and council they’d serve us better by minding their own.

Joel Jennissen