Letter: Organized collection hurts local businesses

To the editor:

The Bloomington City Council, through its organized garbage collection scheme, is on a path to prohibit you from buying local and supporting Minnesota-based garbage haulers.

If the city council gets its way, you (at minimum) will no longer get to choose the garbage hauler you do business with or, worst case scenario, you will be forced to patronize a single multi-region or multi-state hauler chosen by the city council.

Based on council discussion at the Feb. 10 Organized Collection Options Committee meeting, the council, led by efforts of the mayor and Councilmember Jack Baloga, will very likely put this out for bid. This, in my opinion, is the Trojan Horse the city council will use to move Bloomington to a single-hauler system. The single hauler will undoubtedly be “big garbage,” a multi-state, non-local hauler with economies of scale and the ability to underbid their costs to get the initial contract. Then, of course, they can raise prices later when they are the only choice we have.

Regardless, this will seriously harm local businesses and would cause some local haulers to shut their doors. If you like big corporate garbage companies then this should make you happy, but I prefer to keep my choice and support local businesses.

My experience has shown that local haulers have been price-competitive, while the service and responsiveness of local haulers is far better, and therefore, a better overall value. You also get the added benefit of directly supporting the local community.

Tell the council we want to keep our choice.

Marilee Jennissen