Residents invited to SD49 legislative town hall

A legislative town hall is planned in Edina.

Sen. Melisa Franzen, D-Edina, and Reps. Ron Erhardt, D-Edina, and Paul Rosenthal, D-Edina, are expected to attend the town hall at 10 a.m., Saturday, Feb. 23, in room 350 at the Edina Community Center, 5701 Normandale Road.

Residents will be able to meet their legislators and discuss legislative issues that impact the district and the state.

“I am excited to sit down with my constituents and get their points of view on the ideas we are talking about at the Capitol,” Franzen said in a statement. “Following the governor’s budget proposal, there is a lot to talk about and I’m sure there will be many different opinions brought forward. Hearing from constituents is an important part of the political process and I encourage residents to join us to share their ideas.”