Federal charges over Edina condos settled

A condo association and property management company of an Edina condominium will pay more than $40,000 in a settlement of federal discrimination charges.

A condo owner at 7000 Sandell alleged in a Housing and Urban Development complaint that the condo association fined them and initiated a lawsuit to keep the couple’s children from living in the building for more than 30 days of the year.

HUD charged 7000 Sandell Condominium Association, its property management company, New Concepts Management Group Inc. of St. Louis Park, and its off-site property manager with violating the Fair Housing Act by maintaining a policy that prohibited children from living in the building. The HUD also charged that the condo association failed to adhere to the requirements to establish an exemption under the Housing for Older Persons Act.

The condo association, property management company and its off-site manager will pay the condo owner $30,000, pay his attorney $12,200, and allow the couple and their children to live in the condo without fear of retaliation or harassment, according to the settlement terms.