Letter: Residents should educate themselves about water meters

To the editor:

Do you know what electromagnetic frequency or EMF is? EMF waves are emitted from ionizing sources such as x-rays and ultraviolet radiation as well as non-ionizing sources such as cell phones, WiFi and the new water meters that the city of Edina is attempting to replace in your home.

These new water meters (only in use since 2009) do emit a strong pulse of radiation every 14 seconds, day and night. The long-term effects of EMF pollution include fatigue, sleep disturbance, headaches, discomfort, difficulty concentrating, depression and memory loss, cardiovascular effects, sperm damage, infertility, childhood leukemia and other kinds of cancer.

The human body uses electricity for cell to cell transmission and nerve impulses, and this orderly sequence is obviously disturbed by EMF exposure. No one forces you to use your cell phone or microwave, so why should you be forced to have an EMF emitting water meter in your home?

Reduce your EMF radiation burden by calling the Edina Public Works Department and asking for the “opt-out” touch-pad system or a wired system for transmitting water meter readings.

Erin Angelats