Suspect hides in Richfield attic after fleeing police in SUV

A chase ended in Richfield on Monday when a police dog subdued a suspect who hid under a layer of insulation in a Richfield attic.

Robbinsdale resident Kevin Earl Westergaard, 22, sought refuge in the attic of an acquaintance’s house after the vehicle he was driving collided with a tree a few houses down from his hiding place on the 6800 block of 14th Avenue, ejecting a female passenger. He was charged with fleeing police, criminal vehicle operation, and for driving with a revoked license.

The passenger was conscious, tried standing up and was able to speak to officers, according to Vic Poyer, Bloomington Police public information officer.

The pursuit began on the 900 block of 78th Street about an hour prior, just before 4 p.m., when a police officer attempted to pull the 1996 Chevy Tahoe over for traveling 52 miles per hour in a 35 mile per hour zone, Poyer said.

“The vehicle got to a light at 11th avenue and at that point it accelerated and went in between a semi trailer truck and south bound traffic,” he said.

The Tahoe then headed west on 78th Avenue, cutting through a gas station parking lot before heading north on Portland Avenue. “The driver did some loops” near 70th Street and Oakland Avenue in Richfield, then went east, Poyer said. The chase ended near 69th Street and 14th Avenue when the vehicle crashed into a tree, according to police.

The 19-year-old passenger told authorities she was ejected from the vehicle. She sustained injuries, although the extent of which was unclear to Poyer. “I don’t know if they are charging her,” he said.

Westergaard’s foot tracks led police to a home a few houses down from the crash site, where police believed the suspect was hiding under insulation in the attic. The home’s occupants, who knew the suspect, attempted to coax him out before police sent the K-9 to apprehend the man, said Poyer, estimating the suspect hid in the attic for a half-hour to an hour.

The chase “didn’t appear to be real high speeds,” said Poyer, adding that police reports say nothing regarding Westergaard’s motivation for fleeing. It did not appear that alcohol or drugs were involved in the chase, Poyer said.

  • brittanie

    God will help us threw sticks together nd even though i cnt stand you at times..i will always be here for you for our son..this shit is crzy nd i hope god prepares us for whats to come….

  • kimberly

    I would like to clear some things up in this article. I’m one of the people that lives in the house where Kevin ran into. To begin I never knew Kevin was in my attic I was laying down with my toddler in my bed room I also have a very loud fan that i keep on so my child or myself cant hear my son or his friends. When I realized that it was police banging on my door I opened the door to let the police in. to my surprise the police/swat had assault weapons pointing at me and dragged me out of my home leaving my toddler behind me crying.I was hand cuffed and put in a squad. I said why are you putting me in a squad when my toddler is in the house. The people that were in my house was my son his girlfriend, my daughters father and my self. The police I believe from Bloomington came to the squad they put me in and asked me if the man my toddler was with was named Jim. The police were looking for a man named Jim they believed was the one driving the vehicle that was in the high speed chase. Now why the hell am I in a squad and the man you suspect is the man they are looking for is holding my child and im in a squad. I told the police for the second time to ask my child who this man is and they did finally. Why is my son on the ground with a officer yelling at him ” How does 3-5 sound and gave my son a nudge upside his head with his boot. The police were looking in drawers and in our personal belongings which I believe was wrong. I have been packing to move and have been very ill so my house looked a little cluttered nothing out of the ordinary for going through a move and my child said to one of the Bloomington police ” I picked up all my legos by my self and this rude officer says to my child ” Well does your mommy help you clean cause its dirty in here.” The other thing is that they knew he was in the attic at this point cause I believe the cops seen him in window. Instead they put the dogs on him to tear him up kicked, punched, and smashed his face on the chimney. I just dont understand why my children and my self had to be treated so badly when we didnt know what was going on and that I LET THE POLICE IN. I raised my children to have respect for law enforcement but now I lost all respect for how we were treated and what they put my four year old through..

  • Nowayjose

    Who cares?
    The idiot risked hundreds of lives running from the police. He could have killed that passenger who flew from the car – or someone else for that manner. I’m glad that you felt violated. I would have felt violated if the fool crashed into me or someone I know. The idiot should have never ran into your house. Next time lock your doors.

  • Ms.Jessica QUEENj

    Excuse me watch ur mouth.. With all that idiot bull crap he’s not a bad person just made bad decisions and the 19 year old female Brooke Owens got what she had coming haha… Karma got ya before I did tazz another pregnant woman again! LOVE U KiM