Letter: Residents value Old Cedar Avenue access

To the Editor:

Various groups have worked for years to get back the Old Cedar Avenue bridge – hiking, birding, biking, historical and government agencies.

This effort is understandable; the bridge is key to major biking and hiking trails and it’s the best viewing spot on the best waterbird marsh in the metro area, used by birders and photographers beyond Bloomington.

I walked that bridge weekly for years, there were almost always people there. I saw the focused-interest birders, bikers and hikers. I saw even more people who haven’t organized for the bridge: recreational and commuter cyclists, casual birders and nature lovers, casual walkers and families with kids, some with kids in strollers or on bikes with training wheels. There were people in wheelchairs and with walkers.

Those visits by people with wheelchairs, walkers, strollers, kids and bikes with training wheels were not long-haul visits, they were short-haul visits by Bloomington residents.

The bridge is important beyond Bloomington, but its most numrous users were the people of Bloomington.

It’s time for the city of Bloomington to start working to bring back the Old Cedar Avenue bridge.

Chuck Kjos