Letter: Old bridge would provide many benefits

To the Editor:

Letter writer Erich Russell makes some interesting points regarding present and future reasons for saving the Old Cedar Avenue bridge (“Abandon the Old Cedar Avenue bridge” Jan. 24). May I add a few further thoughts:

The architectural significance of the only remaining five span camel back truss bridge in Minnesota may soon be recognized on the National Register of Historic Places.

Connecting the Minnesota Valley State Trail with our neighbors in Dakota County will open bike commuting and many recreational opportunities for walkers, hikers, birders and history students. It will be a fitting additional attraction for the vacation and business visitors to Mall of America.

The present trail system from Fort Snelling to Henderson and beyond allows us to study and appreciate the river valley’s importance from the time of native Minnesotans and early settlers to the current emphasis on healthy life styles and understanding the environment.

Stabilizing and restoring the Old Cedar Avenue bridge is the missing link to our history and for our health.

Ken Veness