Letter: Thank you for the support, Edina

An open letter to the community:

Our family has been spending the last week trying to find some semblance of normalcy in a world that feels anything but normal. The sudden loss of our son Quinn on Jan. 7 is still hard for us to comprehend. And driving through the streets of Edina and Minneapolis on Jan. 10 to celebrate his life through a funeral was a trip we didn’t plan or want to take.

But as our car wound through the neighborhoods that day, we were truly overwhelmed at what we saw. Green balloons on mailboxes. Balloons tied to street signs; balloons and hand-written signs on businesses large and small. To recognize our boy’s life like this — to know that so many were touched by his story — to think that our loss is yours too, that perhaps you’re all a part of Quinn’s extended team, was truly overwhelming to us. This gesture of solidarity and all the cards and calls we’ve received has helped dull a small amount of our indescribable pain.

We miss him dearly. But your support has made us realize the strength a community like Edina can have, a city of nearly 50,000 that suddenly felt like a small town to us. It was a beautiful gift to Quinn and to our family, and we won’t ever forget it.

Thank you, Edina.

Kyle, Kelly, Jack, Connor, Ryan and Quinn Kirsch