Letter: School district boundaries makes life richer

To the editor:

In a Jan. 10 letter to the editor (“Parkwood Knolls children are a part of Edina, not Hopkins”), Tim Dolan presents a good argument to have his Parkwood Knolls neighborhood shifted from the Hopkins to the Edina School District. He and others want their kids in schools closer to home. No one should rebut their feelings, but there are other perspectives.

I have known folks in what is now branded Parkwood Knolls for some 60 years. I have lived elsewhere in Edina and Eden Prairie but cannot recall any of my Parkwood Knolls friends (even when I was a kid) ever feeling cut off from Edina.

Every family’s life has overlapping recreational, educational, social and cultural amenity zones that thrive in spite of boundaries of any kind. For example, I ride my bike in Minnetonka, play golf and shop in Edina and hear jazz concerts in Hopkins.  As a long-time, civically-active area resident, I argue that having non-aligned school, municipal and legislative district boundaries not only makes life richer, it protects us from think-a-like, cliques of officials and elite community leaders.

Since preschool, our teenagers have had friends from a number of school districts. They have never referred to “community,” they just talk about their friends. Only municipal politicians, city websites, developers, anthropologists and disgruntled parents talk of “community,” but then, only in a hollow and pinched manner suggesting an opaque cocoon.

Jeff Strate

Eden Prairie