Letter: Don’t build the bandshell

As a concerned citizen I would like to state why the City of Richfield does not need a bandshell in Vet’s Park. First, many structures have already been built in our park and have been proposed in the past. Second, Vet’s serves as an oasis in the city, due to rich wildlife and green space! The city/commissions deny Vet’s natural riches, saying, “We have no other options!” That was said when the maintenance garage was proposed, and again when the city hall was proposed for Vet’s. Third, progressive thinking demands restraint in using our resources. The City of Richfield refuses to see the natural jewel we already have. Fourth, the city should consider the future Lyndale Garden Development’s amphitheater. A wait and see approach for entertainment venues actually drawing enough interest may serve the city in saving money. It is also not likely that a bandshell in such close proximity to a major airport will be the draw that the city believes through their committees/consultants. I urge prudence, and to leave well enough alone. Let’s hope Vet’s true value will not be taken away by the city’s desire to pave over an important ecosystem with man-made structures by people who ignore green-space, and have only their own interests in mind.

Birgit Johnson