Letter: Edina Sun Current should increase focus on arts

As an avid reader of your paper I have noticed minimal mention of anything related to the music, art, or theater programs at Edina High School. Multiple pages focus on the accomplishments of athletes, both past and present students from EHS, but there generally isn’t any mention of the accomplishments of past or present EHS art students on a weekly basis.

I assumed a paper like the Sun Current would try and include as many highlights from different activities as possible to make it well rounded. It’s frustrating as a past EHS art student to read the Sun Current and to see the lack of support for our accomplishments in the local paper.

I think it’d be interesting to see a new weekly column dedicated to highlighting the accomplishments of at least one art/music/theater student per week considering the pages spent each week highlighting Edina’s athletes. I do love reading about the EHS athletes and their accomplishments, but I think it would be respectful to consider starting to acknowledge the talent at Edina that falls outside of the sports division on a weekly basis.

Alec Fischer