Letter: Detachment request doesn’t add(ress) up

To the editor:

I chuckled about the request by the Parkwood Knolls residents of Edina wanting to change school districts.

Perhaps the editor is unaware that their mailing address is not Edina MN 55436 delivery, but Hopkins MN 55343. About a decade ago, the Northland District of the USPS asked these folks if they wanted to join Edina MN 55436 and have delivery from Minneapolis rather than from Hopkins. A majority said “no” as 55436 is delivered out of the Edina Carrier Annex, which is off 74th Street, just west of Highway 100.

Since these people didn’t want to join the rest of Edina address-wise, they should be required to stay in School District 270.


Kenneth S. Sachs