Letter: Are we becoming spiritually bankrupt?

To The Editor:

There’s no doubt that technology has propelled our species forward.

Technology has made many things available: modern medicine, online shopping and social media to name a few. But are we sacrificing anything for the sake of convenience?

With texting and Internet, it’s easy to connect with anyone, buy anything, spread awareness or research any topic. But have any of you sat down with a friend to have a conversation and been interrupted numerous times by incoming calls and text messages? Were you present?

I believe that technology has helped us advance in a great many ways, but I am becoming more aware of its deficits. The earth is in turmoil as resources are polluted and depleted as we continue to fuel our technological advancements. Stress-related illnesses have reached an exponential number because technology has made life busier than ever. We spend more time on electronic devices than being outside, exercising or spending time together. Slowly we are becoming spiritually bankrupt. When was the last time you did not have any electronics around for even a couple of hours?

If we keep using technology without balance we may destroy the most valuable gift of all, the ability to truly connect with each other and our planet.

Mariya Javed