Scene and Heard: In theaters Friday … not a whole lot of anything

In case you hadn’t noticed, January isn’t exactly the best time of year for new movies – at least really good movies.

Studios typically don’t release films they feel have a chance for awards in January because it misses the deadline for the previous year’s awards and you don’t want to release a prestige pick too early in the cycle for the coming year.

Hence, we get what we have this weekend.

The only wide release this weekend is “Texas Chainsaw 3D,” – the 7th – no, I’m not kidding – film in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise.

The “good” news is that this is not another reboot of the series and appears to be a continuation of the original storyline. The better news is that unlike the last two movies in the series, Michael Bay is not producing this one.

The bad news is that it’s a 3D slasher movie that there were no media screenings of (rarely a good sign).

Fortunately, there are other options … depending on what market you live in.

For those of you in the Minneapolis area, two other films that have had limited releases will open – “Not Fade Away” and “The Impossible.”

Both films opened Dec. 21 and have received positive reviews so far. “Not Fade Away” was one of the selections at last year’s Twin Cities Film Festival.

The remainder of this week’s releases is either limited or geographically inconvenient.

“All Superheroes Must Die” is a limited release that will drop on DVD and Blu-ray on Jan. 29. Just so you know what you’re dealing with, some recent limited engagement films to have a DVD release the same month are “Vamps” and “A Little Bit of Heaven.”

Also out in limited release is the documentary “56 Up,” the unscreened Andy Garcia action movie (no joke) “A Dark Truth” will debut in Miami and the equally as unseen Sci-Fi/Thriller/Horror (depending who you ask) “Crawlspace,” which will debut in New York City.