Letter: Board should appoint retiree

To the editor:

I completely agree with Mike Hanks’ editorial of Dec. 6 (“Replacing Halvorson Wiklund does have to be complicated”), where he encouraged the Bloomington School Board to fill a vacated position with an experienced former board member.

Apparently the board is considering filling this seat with someone that might be interested in running for this seat next November. Doing so gives that person an unfair advantage over others who are also interested in running for this seat.

There are many former school board members who could easily step in temporarily, including recently retired Boardmember Jim Sorum.

In these days of cynicism and little trust in our elected officials, the six school board members that will make this choice should make an ethical and fair decision. Otherwise, it will appear to be elected officials attempting to influence future elections.

Hanks’ idea is logical, fair and a commonsense idea that should probably be considered as a model for future unexpected vacancies.

Alice Seagren


Seagren is a former state education commissioner and Bloomington school board member.