Old Christmas lights can be recycled

Residents can recycle their old Christmas lights in the fourth annual “Recycle Your Holidays.”

Edina residents can drop off their holiday lights until Jan. 1 at Edina City Hall, 4801 W. 50th Street, or at Concord Elementary School, 5900 Concord Ave. Strings of lights can also be mailed to the Recycling Association of Minnesota at P.O. Box 14497, St. Paul, MN 55114.

Edina is working with the Recycling Association of Minnesota, whose goal is to recycle 200,000 pounds of lights.

Minnesotans are encouraged to replace their old lights with energy-efficient LED lights and recycle the old strands. The LED lights will save energy and save consumers money on home energy costs.

“Maybe you have that string with several burnt out light bulbs or you are upgrading to newer or better lights – recycle them instead of throwing them away. This keeps them out of the landfills while creating jobs,” Edina Recycling Coordinator Solvei Wilmot said.

Recycle Your Holidays recycles every part of the light string, from the light bulbs to the copper. Recycling copper takes about 10 percent of the energy it would take to create new copper, according to Recycling Association of Minnesota.

Info: recycleminnesota.org.