Michael Frey named Edina Art Center general manager

Michael Frey has been hired to lead the Edina Art Center.

Frey has held the interim director position at the center for the past year. He began teaching classes at the art center in 1998.

He holds a degree in realistic drawing from the Atelier Studio Program of Fine Art. He also has a bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of Colorado.

One of Frey’s goals is to build upon the friendly atmosphere and sense of community at the center.

“To me, the arts are about seeing things in life a different way than other people. The reason I love working at the art center is that artists look at the world differently. I guess for me, I can relate to how they look at the world because I look at it in a similar way,” he said.

The Edina Art Center has two full-time staff, including Frey, and 11 part-time staff. The center has 85 instructors on the roster and 45 to 50 of them are currently teaching.