Letter: Thanks for Adler Graduate School coverage

To the editor:

Thank you for the excellent coverage on the Adler Graduate School co-occurring disorders linking chemical dependency to mental health.  Adler strives to be on the cutting edge of innovations. At a recent open house, former Congressman Jim Ramstad, spoke about his partnership with Adler Graduate School. The Jim Ramstad Service Center will partner with Adler on a number of initiatives including the co-occurring disorders program. Ramstad knows and understands how alcoholic (or other drugs) and mental health are integrated. Treatment will likely improve with the public now engaged in mental health issues.

As a board member of Adler Graduate School, I appreciate the commitment and hard work of Dan Haugen, president of Adler and the faculty. In addition, Adler has started online teaching in response to non-traditional working students. I thank the Richfield Sun-Current for the article; this continues to open the dialogue.  Articles like this are a public service.

Edwina Garcia