Letter: Some common sense please, city of Richfield

To the editor:

After needing to put “bells and whistles” at the 70th St. railroad crossing to keep people from walking into the train, the $1,000,000 bandshell idea has surfaced again.  The city needs to re-prioritize how their/our scarce money is spent.

Besides the money, there are other issues with each of these projects:

Living nearby the railroad track, I can assure the city that the train doesn’t silently sneak up on people. Responsible people don’t walk into or drive into the train, which once a day, rumbles through the city at about 10 miles per hour and blasts its powerful horn at every through-street.  Additionally, there are stop signs at the track.  STOP means stop, look both ways, and proceed with caution.  Can the city enforce this traffic law, rather than put up lights and stop-arms?  Thanks to Councilmember Elliot for his common-sense “nay” vote.

Now, a $1,000,000 bandshell.  In one of the parks that Richfield claims to hold dear.  Less green space and natural habitat.  Apparently, bandshell promoters don’t realize that Highway 62 borders the park, and that airplane noise affects more than the narrow line directly beneath the plane.  Also, planes haven’t been known to follow precise flight paths.

Again I beg for common sense and fiscal responsibility by our city and school representatives.

Heidi Gaibor


  • Jim Grupe

    Thanks for posting. My wife & I: 43+ year Richfield residents agree with you. Installing an expensive crossarm RR semaphore at 70th is another colossal waste of taxpayer money.
    The proposal for a bandshell at Veteran’s Park makes even less sense. We have attened
    several of the “musicals” in the past in Augsburg Park and found the attendance to be dismal.
    All these new ideas coming on the heels of a new city hall which we needed, but not a Taj-Mahal which we got is simply another added tax burden. We have a park & recreation director that
    I feel has no vested interest in this city, and who in fact is not even a resident. Go firgure!

  • Jill Deering Dentz

    I live near Veterans Park and we love it and enjoy walking through it regularly. It should be improved to increase water quality and keeping trails in good shape, not by the adding of a bandshell. Please keep the park a place that is peaceful where we can experience beautiful nature. Construction and the increase of noise, crowds and a bandshell don’t fit there at all. Please let our voices be heard and save our natural habitats in Richfield. Please, No Bandshell in Veterans Park.

  • Kristine Ehlen

    This is a natural treasure and not the best location for a band shell. Please consider the wild life habitat. I live one and half blocks away and can assure you there is noise from the airport and the highway. You would be better off investing in safe crossing lights for the pedetrians to enjoy the park and children to get to the pool. It is like running across a highway to walk into the park from Columbus Ave and Park and Chicago Avenue, with the roundabout and the destination of Cedar Ave and Cedar Commons.

    Also imagine what it would be like if your home streets were a public parking lot on a regularly scheduled basis. Full of pedestrians walking back and forth to their cars.

    You have a duty to consider the impact of the parking on the residents who reside close to the park. Please have consideration for the residents who reside and would have to share parking responsibilities with this idea. Band shell, great idea, but not at this time or this location. We never complain about the celebrations the park is used for and gladly share in the fun and by sharing our streets for parking. You can only go so far with that and it then becomes a neighborhood issue that the residents of Richfield should not have to contend with in their homes.

  • Steve Miller

    I also live near Veterans Park. Walk my dog there daily, rain, snow, or shine. I considered it a great advantage to live within close proximity of such wonderful natural habitat. Veterans Park is not the correct place for a band shell. It’s bad enough that the city supports the annual July carnival that pollutes the park with trash and crime for one week. Let’s just leave the park be what it is…a park. A place for people to go to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature that is so incredibly scarce within the metro area. If the city feels like it needs to support local musicians, how about supporting commercial business and striving to bring in some bars/restaurants with stages. Every city around Richfield has terrific music venues. Would the band shell even get used enough to justify the price tag? I’m guessing not. Let’s use the money on our schools.