Letter: In opposition to Edina secession plans

To the Editor:

Edina homeowners residing in the Parkwood Knolls neighborhood have petitioned the Hopkins School Board to secede and join the Edina School District, as reported in the Nov. 22 Sun Sailor.

Cry me a river.

These residents knew the school district boundaries when they bought their homes. Moreover, they have the option of open enrolling in Edina or any other district under the law.

So here’s my letter to the Hopkins School Board:

I am writing to express in the strongest terms my objection the proposed action. I am a Hopkins resident, taxpayer and parent of a Hopkins School District child. You are accountable to district residents as a whole, not a tiny, disgruntled segment that thinks its property values will go up if its neighborhood is allowed to join the “prestigious” Edina School District.

The only conditions under which I would support the departure are if one, lost tax revenues due to the departure were made up in perpetuity, dollar for dollar (I’m not sure how this would be accomplished) or two, a numerical majority of district voters – as a whole – voiced their support for this effort through a special referendum, the cost of which to be borne by the group advocating secession.

Charles Horowitz