Bloomington high school seminar program honored

Bloomington Jefferson and Kennedy high schools have been named Division Star of Innovation winners by the Minnesota Association of Secondary School Principals (MASSP).

The award recognizes school programs that demonstrate a positive impact on education and advocacy for children, are effective and innovative and use creativity and imagination to bring about positive school change.

The two schools created a new homeroom academic seminar program, which is a differentiated, personalized, intervention held every Thursday of any full week of the school year.

Teachers select students from their regular classes who may need extra study time or one-on-one help in that particular academic area. Work can be for enrichment, remediation, re-testing or assignment make up. Students have a quiet study time in class unless another teacher has requested them for a specific academic purpose. Academic seminars are approximately 45 minutes.

“Approximately 35-50 students each week are seeking out a teacher and obtaining a pass to a seminar in an area they believe they need additional support,” according to Kennedy High School Principal Andy Beaton.