Letter: Some common sense please, city of Richfield

To the editor:

After needing to put “bells and whistles” at the 70th St. railroad crossing to keep people from walking into the train, the $1,000,000 bandshell idea has surfaced again.  The city needs to re-prioritize how their/our scarce money is spent.

Besides the money, there are other issues with each of these projects:

Living nearby the railroad track, I can assure the city that the train doesn’t silently sneak up on people. Responsible people don’t walk into or drive into the train, which once a day, rumbles through the city at about 10 miles per hour and blasts its powerful horn at every through-street.  Additionally, there are stop signs at the track.  STOP means stop, look both ways, and proceed with caution.  Can the city enforce this traffic law, rather than put up lights and stop-arms?  Thanks to Councilmember Elliot for his common-sense “nay” vote.

Now, a $1,000,000 bandshell.  In one of the parks that Richfield claims to hold dear.  Less green space and natural habitat.  Apparently, bandshell promoters don’t realize that Highway 62 borders the park, and that airplane noise affects more than the narrow line directly beneath the plane.  Also, planes haven’t been known to follow precise flight paths.

Again I beg for common sense and fiscal responsibility by our city and school representatives.

Heidi Gaibor